George Panagakos Photography

A Final Fikardou.

It is surely apparent that I was taken by this little village, and having made two posts on it already, one might think that is enough. But no, it is not. I would be remiss to not make a little recap including some of the things I have written about but not shown in pictures. The little tavern, our feast, my nephew (2), and of course, one, last, lonely door.

I must make a little note here regarding my approach during this trip and from around this time forward. There has been a shift in the way I am approaching my picture  making. This shift can be attributed, and gratefully so, to a sort of a mentor, coach, consultant, call him what you will. His name is Ian Summers and you can find him at Ian came to my studio from Pennsylvania in early this month and we had some wonderful discussions, heartstorming, planning, preparing etc. etc. etc. We are on the phone almost daily, massaging the plan, collaborating, creating. It is inspiring, hopeful, ambitious, wonderful. George is gonna be the talk of the town before long.

I’ll be back next time with some selects from my photo walks.

Peace be with you,


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