George Panagakos Photography


“Wow! Oh my gosh. Incredible.”
– An Architect.
“This guy gets it.”
– A copywriter.
“You were delightful”
– A law firm event client.
“Thank you so much. Simply stunning.”
– An art director and bride.
These are but a few simple comments from those I have had the opportunity to collaborate with and present finished work to.
I have been photographing the world around me for twenty-five years, professionally for sixteen. It was my father, a surgeon and avid amateur photographer, who passed along his passion for beauty, as well as his collection of hand-me-down cameras.
Assignments have brought me to many parts of the U.S. and the world. I have photographed musicians, politicians, sports figures, business leaders and wonderful, everyday people. I have collaborated on campaigns with ad agencies such as Arnold Worldwide, Burrell Communications, CGN and Small Army. My direct clients have included Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Ropes & Gray, The Truth Foundation, Chevy Chase Bank, and many others.
I love making photographs and I love people. I also love plants, and animals, and God . . . but they don’t hire photographers. They do, though, instill a profound gratitude and respect for all that is, which guides my approach to my work and business with my clients.
I live in Winthrop, MA with my wife and precious daughter, and work right down the street in a studio on Boston Harbor. I also keep strong ties with the people and country of my heritage, Greece, where I maintain a home to which I regularly return.
I invite you to make contact, or to reconnect. I would love to speak with you.

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