George Panagakos Photography

Doors. Of Fikardou.

Doors. I experience deja-vu every time I think about the word. The discussion I read as a teenager in “No One Here Gets Out Alive” about how the band the Doors came upon their name, has the image stuck in my mind forever. Doors of perception, doors to the unknown, doors to – and all that psychedelic stuff, y’know?

Well, times change and so does George (well, ok, kind-of). I still see doors as highly symbolic, and the symbolism doors hold is deeply entrenched in humanity’s collective consciousness, for sure, and has been since time immemorial. Old Testament (Deut. 6:6-9) and New Testament (Mt. 7:7-14) symbolism include themes of deliverance, bondage and danger. If we search annals of human creativity from those times onward, and, before, I am sure, certainly there are myriad uses of doors, gates, entryways, to represent the creator’s efforts at conceptualizing thoughts that doors provide a choice tool for doing.

That said, the photographs below were made with absolutely zero consciousness of the fact that I made so many photographs of doors in such a short period of time. Go figure.

Doors of Fikardou. Enjoy!


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