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Deer Island

I am often fascinated by really big things. One of my most memorable shoots took place at a steel mill. The scale of the operation was mind boggling. Not only was the physical size overwhelming, but the noise, the heat and the network of components necessary to keep the plant in operation, as well. Unforgettable.

One mile down the street from the studio is the Deer Island Waste Water Treatment Plant. This is the second largest wastewater treatment facility in the United States. It serves over two million residents of 43 cities and towns in Eastern Massachusetts. It covers 130 acres and has nearly 1.3 billion (with a “B”) gallons per day pumping capacity. Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of access to the facility as we did at the steel plant, but I may see what I can do about that. There is, however, a “Harborwalk” that rings the entire island and it is quite a draw for walkers, runners, picnickers and, certainly, photo enthusiasts. The views of a much cleaner Boston Harbor (due in large part to this plant) and the Atlantic are fantastic. As part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, you may some day see it incorporated into a land/sea photo workshop/excursion run by yours, truly, and my good friend, Jimmy.

Until next time . . . Peace.