George Panagakos Photography

Onward and Upward, Interrupted.

The first days of the new decade were supposed to be a resurrectional phase in George’s life. I am not referring to any kind of “New Year’s resolution” or any deliberate coincidence of events. There was no plan in place as to the timing of what is happening.

Strangely, it is only now I realize that the events leading up to and culminating in the setting of solid plans for a course of action coincide with the dawning of the teens. The “onward and upward” title of this post is a reference to my sister’s wishes for me a couple of months back, the day after I established this here blog. This post marks another one of many little new beginnings in my efforts toward doing whatever is in my power to realize my dreams and aspirations.

The “Interrupted” part of the title, well, that’s a different story. Anyone who has ever had them can attest to the fact that back problems are very well capable of interrupting just about anything one had planned.  Especially if it was resuming a physical conditioning program that was left off many years ago in favor of long hours and not enough sleep as a freelancer.

Well, whenever it is God’s will versus my will, I, as all others, lose. As much as one tries to suck it up and wait it out, there comes a time when you just have to do something. This point of realization came on hands and knees in the middle of a sidewalk, unable to move. Hmm? Sure wish I’d thought of doing something earlier.

OK, so, not all is doom and gloom, for sure. I did stop smoking. And I stopped drinking coffee because what is coffee without a cigarette (ok, all non smokers may reserve comment). At the store on New Year’s Day, ready to buy a pack o’ smokes, I thought to myself, “Hmm? (again – hmm? happens a whole lot with me) this whole smoking thing sure is stupid.” I got back in the car and drove away. I just flipped the switch. Wicked cool.

Next up is a little exercise – one week of taking “Photo walks” This is something anyone can benefit by, I think. I’ll give more detail once I begin posting images from these photo walks right here on the world renowned GeorgesPictures Blog.

Until then, love all people.

-George Panagakos


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